Engineering Services

AZH has provided Engineering Services for the following Projects:

Wreck Lead Bridge Generator Structure

AZH Provided Complete Structural Design Engineering Services for LIRR Wreck Lead Bridge Generator Structure at Long Beach, NY.

Wreck Lead Bridge Systems Restoration

At the Wreck Lead Bridge, which connects Island Park and Long Beach, the LIRR will replace underwater cable, the bridge electrical system and the bridge’s emergency generator.

Our Scope of work is to Design a Generator Structure.

AZH was involved in providing Design, Engineering, Calculation and Structure Steel detailing Services.

Based on conceptual information, we have started design and completed the design 100% within one month. The necessary design calculations were provided, provided complete set of fabrication and erection drawings including bill of materials. AZH was involved from design to erection, the process went very well and completed the project on time. To meet client’s deadline we kept complete support to client and were available 24/7.

   Structural Steel Drawings
   Welding Details
   Connection Details
   Steel Detailing
   CAD Support
Location: Long Beach, NY
Construction Cost: $ 7 million
AZH Fee: $ 20,000


East Side Access- Harold Structure

AZH prepared various Structural Engineering Drawings ad details for LIRR East Side access project at Harold Structure.

The Harold Structures – Part 3 Westbound Bypass contract includes construction of the westbound bypass structure, a 630-ft long tunnel with east and west end approach structures. The scope also includes the installation of catenary foundations, poles, and signal bridges to support rail road systems. It is the first major construction contract funded by the Federal Railroad Administration’s High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail.

AZH was involved in providing Engineering, Review and Structure Steel detailing services, developed 45 Drawings with various structure details

AZH has introduced several innovative practices, such as preparing process of designing, drawing, identifying cost saving areas, organized and managed schedule to deliver detail drawings on time. Completed the project on time and within the budget.

   Design Review
   Structural Steel Drawings
   Steel Detailing
   CAD Support
Owner: City of New York
Location: East Side Access, NY
Construction Cost: $ 104 million
AZH Fee: $ 20,000
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